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Manas Foundation, a New Delhi-based registered trust, was founded in 2000 by a group of mental health professionals in response to their experience of the growing need for community-based mental healthcare. Coming from the fields of Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry, the founding trustees transformed their fundamental clinical practice into a multifaceted program that includes research, advocacy, trainings and a range of last-mile mental health services that reaches marginalized communities.

The critical aspects of our approach to mental health include:

·   Understanding mental health from a psycho-social perspective

·   Demonstrating the linkages between mental health, discrimination, poverty and access to justice.

·  De-stigmatizing mental health issues and creating both a demand and a supply for mental healthcare

·    Providing services that are positive, preventive and promotive

Manas Foundation’s mission statement

“We all have mental health needs. At Manas, we strive to mainstream mental health through research-based therapeutic interventions and through creating awareness to enable diverse communities and individuals to lead psychologically healthy lives.

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