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Manas Foundation provides a holistic approach to mental health -- we work towards creating awareness about mental health in order to reduce the stigma surrounding it and provide promotive, preventive and positive mental healthcare. We aim to address mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, gender-based violence, which are often neglected but are very prevalent in the given age and lifestyle.


Manas understands that when it comes to mental health concerns, the demand is far greater than the supply in India. Marginalised communities have little or no access to mental healthcare. Through our mental health Plug-In programs, we extend mental healthcare to women and children who have been through sexual, emotional, and physical abuse and violence, or trafficking for labour and sex work.


After working in this field for almost 17 years, the founders of Manas realised that their expertise as psychologists could be used in creating safer spaces for women in public transport. Manas uses the principles of psychology for behavioural change to create a distinctive training programme for public transport personnel. The project aimed at engaging commercial vehicle drivers in taking ownership of the safety of the women commuters. This training effected a policy change wherein these gender sensitisation training have become mandatory for commercial vehicle drivers as a part of their vehicle fitness process and the license renewal procedure.


To ensure mental healthcare is available to everyone so that diverse communities and individuals lead psychologically healthy lives.


We all have mental health needs. At Manas, we strive to mainstream mental health through research -based therapeutic interventions and through creating awareness to  enable diverse communities and individuals to live psychologically healthy lives. 

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